re-op Meds: Ancef, cipro if PCN alergic

Anesthesia: General

Patient position: Supine

Bed position: no turn

DVT ppx:  compression boots on and working BEFORE induction of anesthesia

Side Table: NA

Lights: overhead only

Power: 2 Bovie machines 

Bovie Settings: 50/50

Preinjection: 1% lido w 1/100k epi

Prep: Chloraprep

Drapes: benzoin pt sides and apply 1010 sheets (do this before prepping), 4-5 towels and breast sheet

Instrument sets: breast reduction set

Special Instruments: NA

Devices/Implants: NA

Hypodermic needles: NA

Syringes: Tumescent instruments

Drains: 2 Blake drains

Suture: 2-0 PDS, 2-0 monocryl, 4-0 monocryl, 3-0 monocryl

Anesthesia on field: none

Dressing: dermabond, Telfa, Tegaderm

Admission status: 23 hr obs

Estimated time: 3 hours

Coding: 19318-50, 611.1, 724.2, 724.4

Post-op wound care: Drains out AM prior to D/C

Post-op activity restirctions: No heavy activity for 2 weeks

Follow up: 2 weeks