Orbital fx

Pre-op Meds: 10 mg decadron, 1 gram ancef, (600mg clinda if PCN allergic)

Anesthesia: General, oral tube

Patient position: supine

Bed position: Bed turned 90 degrees so surgeon is on patient's right

DVT ppx:  compression boots on and working BEFORE induction of anesthesia

Side Table: NA

Lights: Headlight

Power: Drill, Stryker plating system, Stryker polyethylene orbital floor implant (in room, do not open unless asked by surgeon)

Bovie Settings: Colorado tip, set to 10/10

Preinjection: 1% lidocaine 1/100k épi

Prep: betadine paint

Drapes: 4 towels around face and split sheet

Instrument sets: FFX Stryker truam set, GUH Plastics set

Special Instruments: Desmarres retractors

Devices/Implants: Scleral shileds, Stryker fracture set with obital floow implant Porex (do not pen unless asked by surgeon)

Hypodermic needles: 27 gauge

Syringes: 10cc 

Drains: NA

Suture: 5-0 monocryl-taper, 6-0 prolene taper, 4-0 monocryl taper, 6-0 or 5-0 fast gut ask surgeon as choice is incision dependent

Anesthesia on field: 1% lidocaine w 1/100k eli

Dressing: none

Admission status: 23 hour obs

Estimated time: 90 minutes

Coding:802.6, 21390 or with malar fracture 21365

Post-op wound care: ice to orbit 24 hrs, ophthalmic pntment to incisions

Post-op activity restirctions: Reduce heavy activity for 2 weeks

Follow up: 1 week