Pre-op Meds: Ancef or Clindamycin

Anesthesia:  general

Patient position: supply

Bed position: 90°

DVT ppx:  compression boots on and working BEFORE induction of anesthesia

Side Table: none

Lights: surgical headlamp for the surgeon

Power: yes, Elone E or microhall with reciprocating saw  and drill

Bovie Settings: Teflon to guarded, setting 30/30

Preinjection:10 mL lidocaine 1/100 K  epinephrine

Prep:  Betadine on skin, chlorhexidine in the mouth

Drapes:  four towels with split sheet

Instrument sets:   Genioplasty set, 

CHO 6950
CHO 6953
CHO 6951

Special Instruments:None

Devices/Implants: Stryker genioplasty plates 

Hypodermic needles:  27gauge

Syringes:    10 mL

Drains: none

Suture: 2-0 monocryl, 4-0  chromic

Anesthesia on field: 10 mL 1% lidocaine 1-100 K epinephrine

Dressing:  elastoplast dressing w/ benzoin

Admission status: SDS

Estimated time: 45 minutes

Coding: 21121, v50.1

Post-op wound care:  full liquid diet for two weeks

Post-op activity restirctions:  no strenuous activity for two weeks

Follow up:  one week