Local tissue transfer

Pre-op Meds:Ancef or clindamycin

Anesthesia:  general or IV sedation

Patient position: usually supine

Bed position: pending location of flap, usually 90°

DVT ppx:  compression boots on and working BEFORE induction of anesthesia

Side Table: none needed

Lights: surgical headlamp

Power: not applicable

Bovie Settings: 20/20 Colorado tip

Preinjection: 1% lidocaine 1/100 K epi

Prep: chloroprep on body, Betadine on faith

Drapes: face- towels and split sheet. Body – towels and laparotomy drape

Instrument sets: standard soft tissue set

Special Instruments: none

Devices/Implants: none

Hypodermic needles: 27gauge needle

Syringes: 10 mL syringe

Drains: none

Suture: depends on case

Anesthesia on field: pre-inject prior to prepping

Dressing: depends on case

Admission status: depends on case

Estimated time: depends on case


Post-op wound care: depends on case

Post-op activity restirctions: depends on case

Follow up: one week for facial surgery, two weeks for body/extremity surgery